“The Gift of The Pantyhose”

My story,”The Gift of The Pantyhose,” is now available through Your Impossible Voice on SoundCloud. You can listen here -  https://soundcloud.com/your-impossible-voice/jennifer-mcgaha-the-gift-of

It will also soon be available on the journal’s website and available for Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad/iPhone, and in print through Magcloud. Your Impossible Voice publishes “brash and velvety new work from around the globe, as well as literary reviews, criticism, essays on craft, and interviews.”

“Literature for The Halibut”

Click here to listen to my recent conversation with host Jason Braun on this radio show for the literarily inclined on KDHX 88.1 in St. Louis:


The Dec. 30th interview follows a discussion with poets Philip Gounis and Steve Smith and host Nicky Rainey and a session of “My Bars and My Word” with host MK Stallings.  You can learn more about Jason Braun – musician, poet, fiction writer, educator, and master of all things extraordinary – at his website: